DPM 2012R2 seems to be unable to erase or re-write tapes created by the earlier versions of DPM RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone. We're using SCDPM for quite a while, together with IBM TS3200 tape library and LTO-5 tapes. No encryption is used here, and it always seemed to go fine with the long-term tape backup till we upgraded to SCDPM 2012R2 CU2. Tht's the moment where the troubles began with the tapes, recorded before this upgrade. what we see now is  the folliwing alert:

    Description: Backup to tape failed.

    The tape in Tape Library IBM TotalStorage 3573 Tape Library 4 at Drive IBM ULTRIUM 5 HH 3580 TAPE DRIVE (1068057602) has been written to by another tape backup application using an unsupported physical block size. DPM supports a physical block of 65536 bytes for writing and a physical block size ranging from 1024 bytes to 65536 bytes for reading. So DPM will not be able to read or overwrite the contents of this tape.

    although these tapes have ben erased by the current DPM and are now displayed as free. The ongoing backup operation seems to be rather strange either - the data transfer process starts, some data amount, which is  different each time we start the process is being writen to tape, and thet the above error happens.

    What should I look at in such a situation? Read something fo the MyTape application \made for a kind of low-level tape formatting, but as I understood trying to apply it, it is made for a single-drive tape devices. Maybe there is a kind of such a soft to work with multidrive libraries, or some other way to overcome that issue?


    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 9:33 AM