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  • Dear Tech Net team, 

    I have 2 node cluster Hyper-V where i have 14 VM's are running. recently i have configured Hyper-V replication on the cluster and replicated VM's to replica server and most of servers are replicated successfully. 

    However, am facing issue with two servers while doing initial replica, the replication is enabled on the VM and replcated copy of VM created on replica server, but replication folder [initial replica via external media ] not creating any VHD files and not creating any copy of VM in order to import on Replica VM. 

    All other VM i did same scenario via External media, and it was successfully but only two servers having this issue. 
    Hyper-Replication VM health report shows the error : General access denied error (0x80070005). (Virtual machine ID 5

    If anyone face the same issue, or knows the fix for this kindly advise. 

    Thank you in advance
    The VM HDD Size is 640  GB, 


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  • Hi,

    Since your question is related to Hyper-V and not Virtual Server, I suggest you create a new thread in the dedicated Hyper-V forum over here:

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  • This method of initial replication is rather self-explanatory – it takes an existing VM on the replica site as the baseline to be synced with the primary. However, it’s not enough to pick any virtual machine on the replica site to use as an initial copy. Hyper-V Replica places certain requirements on the windows vritual server that can be used in this method of initial replication:

    It has to have the same virtual machine ID as that of the primary VM
    It should have the same disks (and disk properties) as that of the primary VM
    Given the restrictions placed on the existing VM that can act as an initial copy, there are a few clear ways to get such a VM:

    Restore the VM from backup. Historically, the disaster recovery strategy for most companies involved taking backups and restoring the datacenter from these backups. This strategy also implies that there is a mechanism in place to transport the backed-up data to the recovery site. This makes the backed-up copies an excellent start point for Hyper-V Replica ’s disaster recovery process. The data will be older – depending on the backup policies – but it will satisfy the criteria to use this initial replication method. Of course, it is suggested to use the latest backup data so as to keep the delta changes to the minimum.
    Export the VM from the primary and import on the replica. Of course, the exported VM needs to be transported to the other site so this option is similar to out-of-band initial replication using external media.
    Use an older Replica VM. When a replication relationship is removed, the Replica VM remains – and this VM can be used as the initial copy when replication is enabled again for the same VM in the future.
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  • Thanks for that


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  • Thanks for your reply, however its not indicating to resolve the issue,  
    From your answer i able to get clarified some points Thanks for that. 


    Saturday, May 30, 2020 7:50 PM