Emulation and Enterprise Mode in IE 11 to act as IE 8 RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    Our case is that we have a web app that is working great on IE8 (win7). We have upgraded our clients to Win10 and so they now have IE11 but there are some functionalities that are not working with IE11.

    I did a search and found some pages about emulation and enterprise mode. I tried both where in emulation, I set document mode to 8 then user agent string to IE 8 but the mode was Desktop, I couldn't make it enterprise from emulation window (when I do this, the string changes to IE11) then I changed document mode to 5 as some things weren't properly shown but some functionalities are still not working as if , I'm not working with IE8 yet.

    I tried enterprise mode using gp update method then I opened the web app and from tools, selected "Enterprise Mode" but I also got the same behavior.

    So I want to know if there is something I'm missing in the steps to make IE11 work as if it is IE8.

    I have also read about MS VMs for this but before going into this way, I wanted to see if I could achieve what I need in a more simple way.

    So please advise.

    Thank you.


    Marwa Mostafa

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 9:56 AM