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  • Hello,

    I have the following case:

    WE have Implemented EPM 2010 with a custom workflow for one of our clients, and recently we had a weird error message when we try to open some of the completed project “Unable to open the project.  The workflow associated with the project has been terminated unexpectedly.  Please contact your system administrator.”, we did some research and we find this post: which simply explains that we are having this error because our workflow instances for the completed projects got cleaned up by Workflow Auto Cleanup service!!!

    Now we will disable this service as this does not make sense at all (to enhance the performance I am corrupting my data!!), this will prevent this case from happening in the future, but we still have to deal with the corrupted projects, I think that we have the following three option:

    Option 1: restore the workflow instance from a database backup.

    I don’t prefer to go with this option unless this is the only option, as things might go nasty.

    Option 2: create a non-workflow EPT and associate the corrupted  project to it.

    The problem with this approach is that the users will have an additional EPT to choose from when creating a new project.

    Option 3: change the project default edit page.

    I noticed that I  when clicking on my corrupted projects, the solution will redirect me to projectdrilldown.aspx page, it seems that this page has some sort if workflow checking logic, if there are a problem it will display an error message, then it will redirect me back to the project center (which is the laziest solution for the workflow problem, because my workflow has an issue, the solution prevent me from accessing my project!!!, I should be able to access my project, and the workflow options – submit button- should be disabled), but if I tried to alter the URL and I included my Project UID  and I managed to access my project data,

    Now what I am think of (I am not sure this is possible), is to try to bypass the workflow check by redirect the end user to certain page when clicking on the project name in the project center.

    What I need:

    First does anyone have a better idea than the above three options? Is option 3 is a valid option? Is there are any trick that can make option 2 more acceptable?

    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013 6:33 AM

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