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  • Hello I am newly working on skype for business 2015 and I am new to skype for business enterprise voice.

    I am granting to users a line URI the have the enterprise voice feature enabled.

    the Line uri has the following format Tel:+xxxxxxxxxx,EXT=YYYY 

    Dial plan is configured properly with the correct normalization rules  but when we are trying  to dial a user using the extension only YYYY we are not able to place the call and we are getting:

    Call was not completed or ended

    While we dial the tel number xxxxxxxxxx things are working 

    Also when we assign the line URI in the following format Tel:YYYY

    We are able to place the call.

    Please we need to understand why we are not able to call the extension and what we are missing. 

    Monday, August 29, 2016 8:17 AM

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  • Najwan,

    Basically you need to set a normalization rule to translate four digits into the full DID and mark it as an internal extension. The following is a normalization rule for 1000-1999.

     Go into Voice Routing --> Dial plan --> Define a new “Normalization Rule” like below.

    • Name: Extensions
    • Length: Exactly 4
    • Pattern to match: ^(1\d(3))$
    • Translation rule: +1******$1;ext=$1
    • Internal extension = checked

    To save this “Normalization Rule” click “OK” | “Commit” | “Commit All”.

    The normalization rule we just setup will only take care of extensions in the 1000-1999 range. Replace ****** with the first six numbers doe your users.

    Here is a blog about normalization rules.


    Monday, August 29, 2016 6:26 PM