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  • i have installed new AD RMS server 2008 and later on i need to change the installed certificate with new one  what is the steps.
    Sunday, May 6, 2012 4:11 PM


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    It's not clear the reason you want or need to change the installed server licensor certificate (SLC) for your AD RMS server. In general, you should not try to replace SLC as it can have global implications for your AD RMS infrastructure. Instead, it's typically recommended that you have solid export/backup of your SLC (here is link to how to do that: Export the server licensor certificate).

    In AD RMS, unlike the original RMS which had a way to renew the SLC should it be about to expire, the SLC in AD RMS now has a default lifetime of 250 years (for more on this, see Understanding AD RMS Certificates) so it does not typically need to be renewed or updated unless it was first issued as an older RMSv1 SLC. Here are a couple of possibilities...

    Situation 1: Your SLC was originally issued under RMS (which had a default certificate life of 2 years) and it has now expired after upgrading and moving your installation to AD RMS.

    If you think this situation might be yours, read through Steve Light's excellent blog post, An expired SLC in AD RMS? which has guidance for how to resolve this issue.

    Situation 2: You need to replace an SLC with one issued from a different certification authority.

    Replacing an SLC might require creating a brand new AD RMS installation. If this becomes the situation, refer to the cautionary guidance in How to Move a Single-Server Deployment to Another Server

    Hope that helps! 

    Brad Mahugh
    Senior Technical Writer
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    Microsoft Corporation
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    Monday, December 3, 2012 2:44 AM