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    Hi All,

    I hope someone can help me.  I have got an Exchange 2007 server running on a HP GL380 G5 with Windos 2003 Standard and 4gb RAM.  I have had an issue with the server blue screening and rebooting on average once a day at a random time.  I get the error below:

    Error code 000000001000007e, parameter1 ffffffffc0000005, parameter2 fffffadf8f2a0390, parameter3 fffffadf90cd3a10, parameter4 fffffadf90cd3420.

    I actually have a second GL380 G5, exactly the same hardware.  I did a clean build of Exchange on this server and role this server out on the network and took the other out.  I am getting the same problem.  Every now and then I also have a problem where I can not log on to it.  If I use remote desktop I just get a blank screen and if I log in locally it sticks at Applying computer settings.


    Just a further note.  I was reading about the Store.exe using lots of memory.  My server has just Blue screened again and just before this hppened the store.exe was using over 3gb of memory.  Now that the server has rebooted it is only using 250mb.

    Please ask me any further questions if it assists you in helping me.

    Many thanks in advance


    Monday, December 3, 2007 9:29 AM


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  • Review the following links:





    Also, the BSOD should create the memory dump files, which can be futher investigated by using WinDbg tools:





    Monday, December 3, 2007 12:10 PM

    We had this problem with our HP DL380 G5's.  Note the store using > 3GB memory on a 4GB machine is not abnormal, but the rebooting of course is.


    The main cause seems to be that the ASR (automatic server restart) fires off on the G5's without proper cause / under heavy load, where it should only restart the box when the box is locked up.  We've turned that off on all our G5's (search google for more people having that issue).  You can turn that off in the BIOS, and also I believe in the Server Management Homepage.  If you view your IML log you should be able to see these ASR restarts in the log.


    Also update your HP drivers to the latest ones from the HP driver download website.  There have been lots of bug fixes since the G5's came out.


    For the sticking at computer settings / grey screen trying to get in via remote desktop, obtain and apply the hotfix for KB942880 (obtainable via web form linked from that page).



    Monday, December 3, 2007 6:51 PM


    Thanks for your replies.  I used the Microsoft debugging tools as suggested and it return an error with the cpqteam.sys file.  On further investigation I found that there was a problem with theProliant Support Pack V.7.8 and the Compaq Network Teaming Utility V8.6.  I have updated the driver to V.8.8 and have not had an more Bluescreens...touch wood!


    Thanks for your help!

    Tuesday, December 4, 2007 4:32 PM