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  • i know from searching around that this is a common problem, but i haven't been able to find a solution. thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    i pulled an 80GB Hitachi Deskstar from a dead motherboard that was running Windows XP. i bought an external HD enclosure and I am trying to hook it up via USB to my new computer running Vista Home. i'd like to save the data on the HD, but at this point even formatting it and getting Vista to recognize it would be fine.

    when i plug the USB cord in, i get the "ding-dong" indicating something has been plugged in, but nothing pops up, no components show up in "my computer," and i'm pretty sure it's not recognized in "device manager" either, although i'm not 100 percent sure where to look. under "Disk Management," only Disk 0 has anything next to it, and this seems to be my main internal HD.

    i've hooked the drive up internally as a slave to a friend's computer running XP and it recognized it, so i know the drive isn't corrupt.

    any steps on how to get Vista to recognize the drive, or even on how to format it from my machine, would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance,
    Sunday, July 5, 2009 5:14 PM

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  • Hi,


    Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet Forum.


    Based on my research, I can't identify that MAP-H31M enclosure is compatible with Windows Vista as I didn't find this enclosure in Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility Check Site or find related Windows Vista driver in Mapower Site. Thus I may need to suggest that you contact Map for support.


    In addition, I'd like to recommend that you perform the following methods.


    1.     Generally, we need to set the jumper to master while using it as an external drive. Therefore, please make sure that the disk uses the default setting: master.


    2.     MAP-31M is supported USB 2.0, please make sure that USB ports on your computer are USB 2.0 and you do turn on the High speed USB port in BIOS. I suggest that you plug in other ports for a try. Moreover, try to plug in through USB on another computer to see if it works.


    3.     In common,  if you start Disk Management after adding a disk, the Initialize Disk Wizard appears so you can follow the instructions to initialize the disk. For disk management, I would like to share an article with you.


    Troubleshooting Disk Management



    4.     Since it is recognized on your friend's computer while the disk is hooked up internally as a slave, I may need to suggest that you hook the drive up internally as a slave on your computer and perform a format.


    Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 6:40 AM
  • Hi Nicholas,
    thanks very much for taking the time to review my question and offer suggestions. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a solution.
    Here is some more information in regards to your suggestions.

    The third-party vendor I purchased this external enclosure from says Vista does not need a driver to operate this hardware, that it should be fully compatible. Mapower customer support is completely non-existent; I've left several voice messages and e-mails with no response.

    1. I primarily have the jumpers set to "master" when trying to get my computer to recognize the drive, although I have tried on all the jumper settings.

    2. I have tried several USB ports. I have a newer computer, so I know the USB settings are 2.0.

    3. I don't get any Disk Wizards when I go to Disk Management, which leads me to believe device manager is not recognizing the drive. A follow-up question: where would the drive show up? Would it be considered a "disk" in device manager or a "USB mass storage device?"

    4. I can't hook it up internally as a slave in my PC because it is an IDE drive and my computer has SATA ports. That was the point of buying a USB enclosure to find an alternative connection.

    Thanks for any additional advice or suggestions you can offer.
    Friday, July 10, 2009 1:57 PM
  • Hi,


    Thanks for your update.


    Unfortunately, neither of above works. Since it is an IDE drive that need to be recognized in SATA supported computer, I recommend that you check in BIOS and make sure that you enable the onboard SATA controller to AHCI mode, which is an interface specification that allows the storage driver to enable advanced Serial ATA features.


    If the computer can't recognize this external hard disk in AHCI mode neither, as I know, there are some IDE to SATA ports convertor helping convert IDE port disk to use in SATA ported computer. You can use this convertor and set IDE disk as a slave internally.






    Note: Microsoft provides this link to help customer in convenience. Microsoft doesn't control and guarantee this website if there are some changes without notice. 


    Meanwhile, to answer your followed questions:  where would the drive show up? Would it be considered a "disk" in device manager or a "USB mass storage device?"


    Answer: If the disk is connected as an external hard disk, it will appear as removable disk named as Disk 1 under Disk 0. Moreover, it will be considered as a disk drive in device manager. 


    Best Regards.


    Monday, July 13, 2009 8:26 AM