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  • Hi,

    I use a fixed cost on task usage to control fisical progress. The problem is when I need split a task and expect split fixed cost too, but isn't work. Fixed cost has still been considered during a split task fase. How can I fix it?

    Thanks for help.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 12:42 PM

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  • Arlindo --

    When you specify a Fixed Cost value for a task and apply Prorated as the Fixed Cost Accrual method, Microsoft Project automatically applies the Fixed Cost value evenly across the life of the task, excluding non-working times, such as weekends or holidays.  The software does not consider the split time period as nonworking time on the task, so the software will continue to apply the Fixed Cost amount during the split time period.  In fact, when you introduce the split into the task, the PER DAY Fixed Cost amount will  be REDUCED because the total time span for the task is now longer than it was originally.  For example, I applied at $50,000 Fixed Cost amount to a task with a Duration of 10 days.  The Fixed Cost amount accrues at $5,000 per day.  I introduce a 5-day split into the task, giving a total time span of 15 days, although the Duration is still 10 days.  The Fixed Cost amount now accrues at $3,333 per day and the Fixed Cost amount if still applied during the 5-day split time period.

    I realize this may not make logical sense, but it is how the software works.  I would not consider this a bug, but on the other hand, one could make an argument that Microsoft Project should not apply Fixed Cost amounts over split time periods.  Since it is not possible to manually contour Fixed Cost amounts in the timephased grid of the Task Usage view, I cannot see any way to work around this issue.  But perhaps others in this group will have an idea for you.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:17 PM
  • Hello Arlindo,

    Fixed costs are spread evenly across the task duration even if the task is split.  An alternative is to use a material resource instead of fixed costs.  In the screen capture below, both tasks have a cost of $100 - "Task with Fixed" is using a fixed cost and "Task with Material" has a material resource at $10 assigned at 1 per day.  In the Task Usage view, both tasks are split - and the material cost stays at $10 per day with zero cost during the split.

    Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:28 PM
  • If you go to the Resource sheet and add a resource and make its type Cost, then you can assign it and its timephased cost does ignore teh split.

    Be careful with Cost resources, its safer to only apply a cost resource to a task, don't mix cost and work resources on teh same task.

    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book

    Monday, September 15, 2014 1:41 AM