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  • Hi,

    During my Windows 7 MDT deployments, I have unattend.xml run a first login command that adds extra input languages to Windows from a local XML file. The command is:

    control.exe intl.cpl,, /f:"C:\Scripts\lang.xml"

    This works when run interactively, but doing so in the oobesystem pass of the unattend.xml copies them over to the default user profile. In the original version of MDT 2013, this wasn't an issue. It worked fine. Now, I'm using MDT 2013 Update 2, and it doesn't work. The unattend.xml file validates fine and does not produce any errors. The lang.xml file is in the specified directory, but that directory is hidden. I don't think that is the issue because the command works when run interactively. 

    Setupact.log does not show any errors around the step the command is run. It just doesn't happen.

    What else could I be missing?



    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 11:23 AM


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  • SetupAct.log entries

    2015-10-29 18:56:41, Info                         [Shell Unattend] Display: Successfully set refresh rate.
    2015-10-29 18:56:41, Info                         [Shell Unattend] LogonCommands: Set command 'wscript.exe %SystemDrive%\LTIBootstrap.vbs' 
    2015-10-29 18:56:41, Info                         [Shell Unattend] LogonCommands: Set command 'control.exe intl.cpl,, /f:"c:\scripts\lang.xml"' 
    2015-10-29 18:56:41, Info                         [Shell Unattend] TimeZone: Time zone set to 'Eastern Standard Time' 


    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 11:31 AM
  • Interactive stuff won't show. You might be able to prepend cmd /c though (although I doubt it will work).

    Many questions such as where do I find logs and what logs are interesting are found in: MDT TechNet Forum - FAQ & Getting Started Guide Please take the time to read it.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:25 PM
  • It's certainly worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion!


    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:44 PM