Corporate unstructured seldom accessed data(from file share) migration to SharePoint Online or Onedrive for business in O365


  • Hi,

    Our client has currently all the data in network drives which need to migrate in Office 365(one drive for business and SharePoint online).We have the enterprise plan for all users.

    One network drive has employees personal documents which can be moved to one drive for business and looks no issues.Other network drive for e.g. 'P' drive is very big around 1.5 TB of size.This drive has corporate documents and has been created from years now.So some of the contents might be already in archived stage.

    Even though these are corporate documents half of them are only need to seldom access by many and  half of them need to modify and frequent access by many as these are corporate documents.

    My query is where these seldom access corporate documents need to store in SharePoint Online or in One drive for business?

    One drive for business does not look proper place to move these documents as one drive for business is based on individual user storage but also as mentioned above half of these documents may be rarely need to access by many or can be already in archived stage so they will really not need to use collaborative features of SharePoint online,so where these documents should be moved in SharePoint Online or onedrive for business?

    Documents which need to access and modify frequently by many,SharePoint online fits perfectly so no issues in those documents.

    Any help or suggestion will be useful.


    Friday, February 3, 2017 11:27 AM

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  • The only reason you might want to move them to ODFB site is to save some storage (the free 1TB), as putting them in SPO site will count towards the tenant quota. But yes, SPO site is the proper place for any company documents, generally speaking.
    Friday, February 3, 2017 7:13 PM