I cannot access "WSUS ADMINISTRATION" page from browser


  • Dear all,

    I'm new with WSUS service and IIS 7 I do install it and choose to use port 8530 instead of 80 because I use 80 for another website and right now I can connect to WSUS by using the console tool of Windows server itself not via web browser.

    http://serverip:8530/ I can see the file inside selfupdate folder

    http://serverip:8530/wsusadmin I got 404 error  File or directory not found.

    Still right now my client still can't connect with the wsus services (In GPO I put server ip:8530)

    and what's the physical path of WSUS site ? is it the C:\Program Files\Update Services\selfupdate\

    P.S. All firewall are disable

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    Monday, February 03, 2014 8:00 AM