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  • I am new to DPM and learning it on the fly.  The DPM setup I am working with is needing to be revamped.  It has been requested of me to take some of the daily backups and move to them to monthly

    The system only has disk backup (a couple of Buffalo units) attached.  There are no tape backup drives, so the long-term protection options are not available.

    Using the short-term protection options, is it possible to set up a protection group that will backup a server (or servers) at the first of the month at 03:00?  The File and Application recovery pionts settings appear to be a maximum of a week for spacing them out.  With a retention of 31 days,  can uncheck all of the days except Sunday, but that means I am still getting a recovery point every week, correct?

    It seems faily obvious that long-term protection is only possible with tape, but I wanted to confirm it for the powers that be.

    Here's a scenario that I am curious about that relates to this:  You want to run a disk-to-disk backup monthly.  Once the d2d backup completes, a job to back the disk off to tape would start.  I know how Symantec Backup Exec would handle this.  How does that work in DPM world?

    Thank you.


    Friday, February 11, 2011 5:32 PM