Wrong indicator with negative values in KPI (closer to target is better) RRS feed

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  • Hi!
    i´ve been developing scorecards with PerformancePoint Server 2007 since two months and i´ve never found a situation like i´m suffering now until last week, and i cant get a solution to the problem... :( sorry if its simple but i promise that i´ve tried to solve from different manners...

    the problem is that i have a kpi with the following configuration:

    - Real value: currency amount that can be negative a number
    - Target value: currency amount that can be a negative number too

    i´like to select the "closer to targe is better" option for scoring pattern, to have a situation like:

    > 105% from objective value is over the objective

    105% <= objective >= 95% is good

    < 95% from objective value is under the objective

    when the objective and the real values are both positive values, or when one is positive and the other is negative this configuration works fine, but when both values are negatives the percent calculated is wrong, so the indicator in the scorecard is not valid, someone could help me with that?

    thanx for any kind of help!!

    EDIT: the cubes from the real value and the objective value are not the same, ¿can this fact get relation with the problem? 
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  • The problem was resolved using the method "increasing is better"!

    closer to target is better creates simetric thresholds with the objective value at the center and that didnt work with my configuration...


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