Where does Windows 7 store IPSec configuration files?


  • Dear all,

    IPSec secure our internet access protect us from malware and virus. IPSec provided as service launched by svchost.exe with the dynamic link library polstore.dll. But where is the configuration file everytime it loads and saves? How can I find and have a look at it?

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    Friday, August 7, 2015 9:14 AM


  • Hi geelpheels,

    In server 2008, you could view the current settings for IPsec with the command:

    auditpol.exe /get /SubCategory:"MPSSVC rule-level Policy Change","Filtering Platform policy change","IPsec Main Mode","IPsec Quick Mode","IPsec Extended Mode","IPsec Driver","Other System Events"

    For more details, you could refer to the article.

    You coud also have a try in windows 7 and post in windows 7 Forum for more support.

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    Mary Dong

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    Tuesday, August 11, 2015 3:06 AM