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  • I am new to SCCM and have some hopefully simple questions about updates.

    It seems that once the SCCM agent is installed, the traditional 'Windows Update' becomes vestigal; that is, it serves no real purpose anymore, since the Configuration Manager component of the control panel is where checking for updates becomes explicitly triggered.

    If this is true, then what is the best way to hide the Windows Update icon? It is confusing to some users to have this icon and function when it no longer serves any purpose. I know there are ways to do this via GPO settings, but I was wondering if there were any best practices on how to apply such a GPO; through OUs? Group Membership? WMI filters checking for presense of the client? Ideally, the icon would not be hidden until the agent was properly running and installed on the target machine.

    What are some of the ways to manage the hiding/showing of the Windows Update icon?

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  • There is a setting titled "Enable Windows Update Notifications" in the following location:

    * User Configuration

      * Administrative Templates

        * Windows Components

          * Windows Update

    You can select:  'Enabled', 'Disabled' and 'Not Configured'.

    Here is the explanation of the policy:

    The policy specifies which notifications may still be displayed to a
    user when the “Remove access to use all Windows Update features”
    policy is enabled.  When both policies are enabled you can configure one
    of the following notification options:

    0 = Do not show any notifications

    This setting will remove all access to Windows Update features and no notifications will be shown.

    1 = Show restart required notifications

    This setting will show notifications about restarts that are required to complete an installation.

    Note: If this policy is disabled or not configured then no notifications
    will be given to the user when the “Remove access to use all Windows
    Update features” policy is enabled.  This policy has no effect if the
    “Remove access to use all Windows Update features” policy is
    disabled or not configured.


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