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  • My OS: Windows 10 Pro
    Source File Size: Full System Image+Partitions @ approx. 850Gb

    Application Used: Windows' native Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

    Destination Location: on-site, same LAN, directly connected via Cat6 ethernet
    Destination OS: Server 2012 R2
    Destination File Size: RAID5 approx. 3.8Tb

    What:  My PC is unable to backup to my Server (Server 2012 R2) located on the same LAN using 'Backup and Restore (Windows 7)'. Error code: 0x8078015B received.

    When:  In the past 3 months is when it started. I have been able to backup to this same server using the same steps for almost a year before I received the error. No new hardware or software has been installed since PC was first built.

    I built a home server that I have installed and configured Server 2012 R2 on and, for just under a year, I have been backing up my Home Office PC(Win10Pro) at the house to a shared out partition (RAID5) located on this server. About 3 months ago, it stopped successfully backing up and I started receiving various error codes when the backup would not complete successfully. The same issue occurred when I tried to backup the Home Office PC to a new external HDD. I re-attempt backups about once every 4-5 days with the hopes that it will be successful because it completed once about a month ago. I began using Norton's N360 to perform weekly file backups to the same server for almost a month before that quit working as well. N360 will sit continuosly attempting to transfer for days without any progress after the first 20 seconds. I selected the main system partition along with all other data partitions in N360's File Backup settings.

    Some of the errors that I have received in the past 3 months are listed below:

    0x80070079: which said "semaphore time out period expired"




    My Question: Has anybody had these same issues and has anyone been able to resolve the problem? If a Microsoft tech is reading this please contact me directly and help.

    Friday, April 29, 2016 1:11 AM


  • Blake,

    Please check and see if the KB article blow would help:

    Error code 0x8100002F and or error code 0x80070002 when you back up files in Windows 7



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    Friday, April 29, 2016 8:45 AM