password recovery for an acct I have had and used for 20 years i need assistance to recover my password all my contacts are in this hotmail acct my new hotmail acct for communicating is flgators1962@hotmail.com RRS feed

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  • I was in the hospital in april with my 3 rd heart attack and somehow my saved password for my flgators2001@hotmail.com was lost and i cant ind it written down anywhere. I tried the security recovery from microsoft but 20 years is a long time ago and they provided no help with this very serious situation....

    my phone # changed over the years so the text they wanted to send me didnt work .... my new phone # is 309-416-4368

    my name is Timothy John Lindstrom I have sun trust bank acct emails that are sent everyday all of my valuable emails are in this acct. I plead with you at Microsoft a multi billion dollar concern to please help this sick old man who takes 68 pills a day to stay on the earth and I desperately new serious help for this simple problem.... some can help me with this situation and I beg of you to call me and help me thru this difficult problem for me.....

    Thank You and My God Bless!   Timothy John Lindstrom

    Thursday, May 16, 2019 4:15 AM