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  • I understand that when a project plan is published by PWA, a corresponding SP site is also automatically created. Typically I have controlled access to the project plan using the SP groups: Owner, Member, Visitor. 

    By default I have added my team to the user group "Team Members of Project Web App." Somehow many of the users have not been able to access PWA. 

    However, when I added the user to the "Portfolio Manager" group via "Manage Users" under PWA Settings, then they were able to access PWA. 

    I have a portfolio consisting of Projects A, B, C. I want only PM for Project A to be the owner of the project plan (with the rest of the team only having "read" access). Similar setup for the other projects. 

    What is the best way to achieve this? 

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015 12:43 AM

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  • Hello,

    So your PWA site is in the Project permission mode, you can't use the SP groups to give access to PWA when in this mode. That is why they get access when you add them to the Portfolio Managers group. Adding them the Team Members groups should also give them access (providing you haven't changed he default permissions).

    To achieve the access you want give the PMs access to PWA via the Project Managers group and make them the owners of the correct projects. Then give normal team members access via the Team Members group - this assumes you have the default permissions set.


    Paul Mather | Twitter | | CPS | MVP | Downloads

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:29 AM