• Hi All,

    I'm working on reports partially based on Excel cube formulas. I have no problem with all cube functions except CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY. This function always returns #N/A. There's another topic about this issue but with no real answer.

    I have created a linked table in Excel imported in PowerPivot to explain you the trouble. It's french data, all fields name have the same meaning in English except Ville which means town.

    Région Département Ville Population
    PACA 13 MARSEILLE 1000000
    PACA 83 TOULON 200000
    PACA 83 NICE 150000
    RHONE ALPES 69 LYON 1500000
    RHONE ALPES 1 BOURG 100000

    If i understood well, this function gives the value of a property for a specific cube member. So in my case i'm trying to get the property value for property "Région" for the member of the cube ville (town) LYON. The name of the table in PowerPivot is Tableau1.

    To get this, i wrote these formulas with absolutely no success :
    =CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY("PowerPivot Data","[Tableau1].[Ville].[LYON]","Région") 
    =CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY("PowerPivot Data","[Tableau1].[Ville].[LYON]","[Tableau1].[Région]") 
    (i have translated the french formulas by remplacing ";" by "," and the function name PROPRIETEMEMBRECUBE).
    In the same time the function =CUBEMEMBER("PowerPivot Data","[Tableau1].[Ville].[LYON]") is working fine and even CUBESET and CUBEVALUE or RANKEDCUBEMEMBER.

    So i'm asking you're help for this function which is not very well documented in the web. I even wonder if i understood well the function, if i'm not totally wrong about it. Maybe this function is not usable with PoxerPivot ?

    PS : Excuse me for my poor English.

    Thursday, October 10, 2013 7:34 AM


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