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    This forum is about collaboration and helping each other.
    You are a critical part of this process!

    As a forum user, you should take care of the questions you have posted.
    There are three important tasks that are involved in managing your questions:

    1. Keep your question posts focused
    2. Use the "Vote As Helpful" feature to indicate posts with helpful content
    3. Flag questions as answered 

    Keep your questions focused - you have a question and you need an answer - on this forum you find many people that are willing to help you.
    To support the community members that are willing to help you, you should keep your question  focused on your title.
    Please don't create endless threads with lots of additional questions.
    Open a new post instead of adding too much to an existing post. 

    Use the "Vote As Helpful" feature - this forum is about getting answers to questions.
    Helpful votes are a critical discoverability component that helps to locate information - so, please take advantage of this feature!
    They are also a motivation for the originator to share with you other types of helpful information.

    Flag questions as answered - community members need to know when your question has been sufficiently answered.
    You should not leave it up to the forum moderators to flag your questions as answered. 

    The "Vote As Helpful" feature and flagging your questions as answered are the simplest methods to say "thank you for your efforts".|

    For more details on this topic, please see the "Read Me First" in the Announcements section.

    On this forum, we want you to to find all the information you need to be successful with FIM - which is beyond answering questions.
    To accomplish this, you can find the following extensions on this forum:

    1. The FIM ScriptBox
    2. The FIM Experts Corner
    3. The FIM Knowledge Bit Collection

    These extensions are maintained by community members that are willing to make this forum an even better place by going the extra mile.
    Contributors to these extensions are also known as FIMsters.

    A FIMster has either posted a script to the ScriptBox, posted a Knowledge Bit or an Experts Corner article.
    From a simple knowledge bit to a Wiki article -  you have a broad range of options to contribute.

    By contributing content to the forum extensions, a FIMster becomes an elementary asset of the FIM community!
    Come and join us - become a FIMster and improve that way the value of the FIM community.


    Markus Vilcinskas, Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
    Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:47 PM

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