use imported attribute to reference different meta data for export RRS feed

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  • our HR system only provides the three letter country code and i would like to export to AD the two letter country code and the spelled out country name. 

    maybe someone can provide the best way to do this. some questions i have had around trying to solve this are

    can you have a connector space object joined to multiple metaverse objects? a one to many relationship?

    could i create a new object_type country and have the person reference the country metaverse object? 

    i'm trying to avoid adding more code, let me know if there is a way to configure what i am trying to do either in the sync engine or the fim portal.

    Thank You!

    edit: if it is helpful i have no problem importing the ISO-3166 data from a source like into fim.

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  • You could project country objects into the MV from your file, but personally I would just create a new SQL table based on the country code file then join it to the HR table (assuming this is a DB feed - if not import your HR file into a SQL table first via SSIS). Then the countryName will be an attribute on the incoming person from HR. Something like

    create view vwImportNew
    SELECT tblHR.employeeID, tblHR.firstName, tblHR.lastName, tblCountryCode.countryCode, tblCountryCode.countryName
    from tblHR
    INNER JOIN tblCountryCode
    ON tblHR.countryCode = tblCountryCode.countryCode

    Then repoint your HR MA at vwImportNew and refresh the schema and the countryName will appear as an attribute ready for import flow



    Thursday, May 8, 2014 9:25 AM