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  • Hi,

    First of all apologuies if in the wrong area.

    I've been asked to design an ADFS 3.0 deployment that will replace an exisiting ADFS 2.0 deployment in another domain.

    The adfs 3.0 has to be the same as the adfs 2.0 design. The current design has 2 adfs servers that are standalone, config changes are made manually on both servers (only one is active at any point in time) if the primary fails then a DNS update is made to point users to the other adfs server.

    Now looking at adfs 3.0 I see that the standalone option is removed. My question is: Is it possible to replicate this design in adfs 3.0? Or will the installer know that there is already an existing adfs server when I come to install the second?

    I know this is not the best approach and it would be far easier to use a farm but unfortunately this is what has been requested..



    Monday, September 28, 2015 1:06 PM