DQS Not Working...


  • I am having issues getting DQS to properly install. Everything works just fine up until essentially the last step. 

    Here's is a snippet of the output containing the error:

    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Action 'Register data quality assemblies and stored procedures' finished successfully.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Executing action: Set product version property.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Action 'Set product version property' finished successfully.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Executing action: Create MDS user (if MDS login exists).
    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Action 'Create MDS user (if MDS login exists)' finished successfully.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:18 PM] Executing action: Load out of the box data.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:20 PM] Starting installation rollback...
    [9/20/2013 4:15:20 PM] Installation rollback completed successfully.
    [9/20/2013 4:15:20 PM] Fatal error while executing the DQS installer.
    Microsoft.Ssdqs.Infra.Exceptions.EntryPointException: Data Quality Services is supported only in the Enterpris
    e Edition (64-bit), Business Intelligence Edition (64-bit) and Developer Edition (64-bit) of SQL Server 2012.
       at Microsoft.Ssdqs.Proxy.Database.DBAccessClient.Exec()
       at Microsoft.Ssdqs.Proxy.EntryPoint.NotificationEntryPointClient.NotificationSessionCreate(ClientType clien
       at Microsoft.Ssdqs.DqsInstaller.Logic.Actions.LoadOutOfTheBoxDataAction.Execute()
       at Microsoft.Ssdqs.DqsInstaller.Logic.ActionExecuter.ExecuteAllActions()
       at Microsoft.Ssdqs.DqsInstaller.Logic.Installer.Main(String[] args)
    Press any key to continue...

    I have no idea what it's talking about, since I have Enterprise Edition  64 bit installed on my laptop

    A. M. Robinson

    Friday, September 20, 2013 9:21 PM


  • Looks like this is another one of those cases where everything I'm looking for exists in Enterprise Edition and Developer's Edition, but not Standard Edition...

    A. M. Robinson

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    Thursday, September 26, 2013 2:19 PM