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           Is WDP compatible with RAID 1?  I tried WDP for the first time yesterday and it broke my RAID 1 system, forcing an automatic rebuild.  I had selected the option to retain all settings after a reboot.  However, after applying those changes it rebooted three times giving SVCHOST errors on the first two reboots.  Needless to say, I'll not try this again. 

          I have a very common arrangement with an Intel (ICH8R/ICH9R) motherboard controller and the latest version of the Intel Matrix Storage Array driver on two Raptor drives.  My computer is a Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz E6600 with 4 GB RAM.

         Please let me know if there are any know incompatibilities that might interfere.....


    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 12:42 PM

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    I haven’t tested WDP on RAID system. However, as I know, WDP is very sensitive the physical layout of the hard drive. Thus, if there is issue, this can be the cause. I will perform a test on this issue. If there is any update, I will post here soon.


    Best Regards,


    Friday, February 29, 2008 12:01 PM
  • I'm having the same issue on a C drive disk mirror.  The HD protection will corrupt everytime.


    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 8:52 PM
  • Update:


    Device manager shows the following SCSI and RAID controllers


    Intel 82801 GR/GH Sata RAID Controller

    Silicon Image SiI 3114 SoftRaid Controller


    Thought it might help with the troubleshooting.

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 10:42 PM
  • Hi,


    Thank you for your feedback on this issue.


    We will perform tests on this issue and post the result here!



    Wednesday, March 5, 2008 12:58 PM
  • Is there any more on this?  Will version 2.5 work with RAID?



    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:00 PM
  • It sounds like in this particular RAID configuration, the mirroring is being performed in software by a driver.  It's very likely that this conflicts with the driver that implements WDP.  This should work fine on a system that uses hardware RAID.
    Friday, March 28, 2008 4:55 AM
  • The Intel solution does indeed use a software driver, but it's also one of the most common consumer desktop RAID configurations.  I would hope that WDP would be tested with the most some of the most prevalent configurations available.

    Anyway, in place of WDP I'm using an application called HDGuard which is a more mature product and doesn't use half the available disk space by default.  I had to pay for it unfortunately, but it does the job quite well.  I investigated other similar solutions and this was the best.  I still use SteadyState for configuration all the restrictions......


    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 8:04 PM