Can not access to Virtual Machine RRS feed

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  • Symptom:

    -          User cannot access (e.g. can not remote desktop, can not PING) to a Virtual Machine (VM) wich running on a HyperV Host. Other VMs in same HyperV Host are accessible normally.

    -          Error message from Remote desktop "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer ... ". Error message from PING "Request timed out."

    -          The VM is accessible directly from HyperV Host.


    -          User cannot access to this Virtual server for Business Operation


    -          [5/Nov] Recovered. User can access to this Virtual server (VM server) normally after reboot Physical HyperV Host.

    Root cause:

    -          Investigating.I need Microsoft support to find the root cause


     Job done:

    -          5th Nov (Night time): Stop VMs on HyperV host; Restart HyperV Host; Turn on all VMs which turned off previously.

    >> False VM can be accessible normally.

    -          1st  Nov: Check log 

    >> Found some warning log: “partmgr Errror ID:58”, Alert “SNMP start error”.

    -     Reboot falsed VM

    >> Problem not resolve

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