Remote User Sends Audio Files to Radio Reading Service for the Blind -- Occasional Inexplicable Stalls -- FTP Configured on Windows Server 2016 RRS feed

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  • Stewart,

    Thank you for contacting us. I brought this issue to your attention almost three months ago on April 18th. The Washington Ear's FTP will occasionally lock a file it is receiving on upload and insist that a copy already exists. I am a bit surprised that this is the first time we are hearing from you again on this issue as while it is not necessarily a daily occurrence it certainly happens on a weekly basis at minimum.

    The most recent day in question that the problem occurred would have been July 3rd's upload from the files I saw still in the directory when I went to upload Monday's reading. 

    I would love to assist you in resolving the problem of uploads being locked however it appears to me that it is a server side and not a client side issue. The only thing that I can provide are the details that I have noticed and the attempted solutions which have not worked from this end.

    Upon receiving the message that the file already exists, renaming the file name or changing the extension locally before attempting another upload provides the same error message. I am not sure of how your server verifies what files are there before receiving an upload. This message occurs even when a command to delete the files on the server has been sent and waiting for a response to verify that the directory appears to be empty before attempting to upload.

    I would be curious to see if adding steps to your automated script that removes the WAV files after they have been downloaded and converted to TRM might resolve this issue. If it does not then obtaining the Richmond Times-Dispatch may be something that will have to be done manually going forward.

    Please let us know of future developments.
    Thank you.



    Tuesday, July 9, 2019 10:29 PM