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  • I'm trying to calculate MDT task sequence execution time. What could be the best method for this? It can be PowerShell or VBS code.

    Plan is to execute a script at the beginning of a task sequence that stores a start time in variable and at the end of task sequence execute another script that reads that start time from variable and calculates total time taken and saves it to another variable.

    I have tried few VB scripts but I have had some odd results some times with them. We are using 24 hour clock and it might have caused some problems for my previous scripts.


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  • The MDT log already does this.  Post questions bout MDT in the deployment forum.  They will help you learn how to  use the tools.


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  • I think you can enable monitoring and then validate from a console the elapsed time.  It's a slow morning so I also wrote something that would work in powershell for fun -

    param($start, $stop)
    $file = $(get-date -f mmddyyyy) + '_timer.log'
    $filepath = "$env:temp\$file"
    function Start-Time {
        if(test-path $filepath){
        Remove-Item -path $filepath -force
        New-Item -ItemType File -Path $filepath
    function Calculate-Time {
        if(!(Test-Path $filepath)){
        Write-Error "Calculate-Time: ERROR - Timer file was not found at path $filepath.  Please validate you are running this script with the -start parameter before running with the -finish parameter."
            $fileinfo = gci $filepath
            $stime = $fileinfo.CreationTime
            $etime = (Get-Date)
            $time = New-TimeSpan -start $stime -end $etime
            return "Time from creation of file to finish is $time."
    function Main{
        Start-Time | Out-Null
        Calculate-Time | Out-Null
        return "Main: You must provide a parameter to use this tool.  Parameters are -start to start the timer or -stop to end the timer and calculate time elapsed."

    You can modify filepath at the top to set where it saves the file.  What it does is creates a file in the environment temp directory and then uses that file creation time against current date/time to give you a duration.  Parameter -start creates the file starting the timer and parameter -stop finds that file and calculates the difference in time between creation and current time.  Either way I needed to get some powershell practice and maybe this will help you. 


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  • What I'm trying with this is to add a task sequence start time and task sequence total time to my custom report where I save information from all of the deployments run. 

    First I had a vbs script that was run at the beginning of the task sequence that just get's current time and saves it to variable. At the end of the task sequence I run another script that get's current time again and calculates elapsed time using that original "start time" variable. This didnt work because in WinPE the clock is not in sync and my start time variable shows wrong time.

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