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  • Hiya,

    Im sitting with a few of my colleagues considering using the Wiki sites as source for our installation procedures. We like to have a central location to store our way of doing the installations, with comments, PS scripts etc. One that is not bound by which company we work at.

    There are quite some considerations here. How do we allign content when there are other editors, are the wiki even for that type of content, is that what technet articles are for? (some articles lack so much detail and sense, however only edible by MS staff)

    Blogs would be the obvious answer to some of the above, but again blogs are for MS staff only. We are very found of the MS community in general and we dont really have any interest in hosting our own blog/site, as it removes some of the elements of not being bound to a specific person.

    Any ideas, thoughts etc on that in relation to using the Wiki?

    The articles are regaring SharePoint 2010 installation and configuration for now.

    Monday, March 5, 2012 8:33 AM


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