Sequencing Office 2007 RRS feed

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    I have a strange issue in which I have tried almost everything I know off but I don't seem to be solving the problem. I will start at the beginning so to give all necessary information:

    Sequencing with the latest APP-V 4.5 RC and running against the latest client. We have an environment of 2003 R2 standard terminal server, Citrix 4.5 and PowerFuse 2008.
    Sequenced the following applications:

    DDE Call
    Profile Wizard
    Adobe Flash
    Adobe ShockWave
    Office 2007 Enterprise (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Picture Manager and Outlook)
    Office Visio 2007 Professional
    Office Project 2007 Standard

    I have sequenced these applications many times before with the older version of Office (XP and 2003) and never run into this problem before. Everything works with 4.5 except for one small tiny problem.

    We are placing the application data on a personal profile drive mapping Z:\Application Data\Microsoft\.... and here something goes wrong when I go within the sequenced application to the z:\application data\microsoft directory I cannot see anything after the microsoft directory. Whereas with all other sequences and the older office sequence we would see all sub directories underneath. The problem is not that people need to see these things only Word seems to have a problem saving it's normal.dotm file. Although outlook doesn't seem to save it's dotm file in the correct location only Word.

    Perhaps anyone has seen this issue and could know what the problem is?  I would very much appreciate any kind of help.

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008 1:03 PM


  • Erik,
    I'm not sure about the cause.  Here is a thought, however. 

    4.5, by default, applies ACLs to everything inside the package.  Prior to 4.5, the ACL was full permission to do anything to any file inside the package (you can only harm your own personalization pkg file).  You could try turning this off while sequencing and see if it solves the issue.  You can open the package for upgrade to make this change.   Although it is unclear of the effect if you try this with active upgrade, you can certainly change the setting and save as a new package.  If this works, you might be able to keep ACLs in general and modify the permissions of the important folders (or remove them in the VFS and Files tabs of the sequence editor since I guess these should not have been in the package anyway?), but who needs ACLs with App-V?

    The other thought is that visibility of "system" folders is a registry setting.  If the setting was turned on in the sequence this might explain the behavior, but I doubt this is your issue.

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008 2:12 PM