Apple Mail.app connection issues with Exchange 2003 RRS feed

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  • Hi all

    I've been having some problems for some time with getting Apple Mail clients to connect to some accounts held on Exchange 2003.

    Account 1 (+ others) connects fine, but account 2 (+ others) will not connect, refusing to accept the password that works fine from windows machines running outlook.
    • My IT guy here insists that there is no difference between the two accounts, and that the problem has to be on the Mac, but I quite honestly cannot see how this could be the case.
    • I've taken a brand new install of OS X 10.5 and with two fresh users, using exactly the same connection settings, have tried to set up an exchange account. It works fine for 1, but not at all for 2.
    • I have tried on multiple (mac) machines, using VPN settings from external networks, and still no joy. Account 1 connects, account 2 does not.
    • I can connect my iPhone (via VPN) to 1 but not to 2.
    • Account 1 was set up 6 years ago, when we were still running an older version of Exchange, whilst Account 2 was set up 3 years ago I think on 2003 - but I have no idea if this is the cause of the issue.
    • We are running Exchange Server 2003, OMA on, OWA on, IMAP on, we have front and back end servers.
    Our internal IT support does not see this as a priority problem, and will not invest any time in trying to fix it - they (as I mention above) insist it must be the Mac, but I have staff who are having to rely on web access, or virtualised outlook, to access their mail, and this isn't acceptable in my mind. If it is the Mac platform then at least I'll know where to look, but (taking the above into account) I can't logically see how it could be.

    Please does someone out there have any idea what might be causing this annomaly in account connections?

    I am not a Windows admin in any sense, but I'm not IT illiterate either. I want to sort this out for my users.


    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:11 AM