Sequence Visual Source Safe 2005

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  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a file-level version control system that permits many types of organizations to work on several project versions at the same time. This capability is particularly beneficial in a software development environment, where it is used in maintaining parallel code versions. However, the product can also be used to maintain files for any other type of team.

    Visual SourceSafe supports cross-platform development by allowing collaborative editing and sharing of data. It is designed to handle the tracking and portability issues involved in maintaining one source control base, for example, a software code base, across multiple operating systems. For developers, Visual SourceSafe accommodates reusable or object-oriented code. It makes it easier for you to track the applications that use particular code modules.

    Application Name: Visual Source Safe 

    Application Version: 2005

    Company Name: Microsoft

    Sequencer Version: 4.5

    App-V Client Version Tested On: 4.5

    Operating System Sequenced On: Windows XP SP2

    Posted by Microsoft Employee: Sudhir Rao


    You must have the following to sequence Visual Source safe 2005 for use with Microsoft SoftGrid application virtualization:


    1. A volume license for Visual Source safe 2005.
    2. DotnetFrameworks 2.0 or higher installed on Sequencer machine.
    3. Windows Installer 3.1 or higher installed on Sequencer machine.

    1.   Start the SoftGrid Sequencer.

    2.   On the File menu, click New Package.

    3.   Click No when you are prompted for help.

    4.   On the Tools menu, point to Sequencing Wizards, and then click Package Configuration. The Package Configuration Wizard starts.

    5.   Click Next.

    6.   In the Suite Name box, type

    7.   MS_visual_Source_safe_2005_xpsp2_mnt.

    8.   In the Title field, type Visual Source safe 2005 , and then click Next.

    9.   In the Selected Operating Systems dialog box, make sure that the appropriate operating systems are selected, and then click Finish.

    10. On the Tools menu, click Sequencing Wizards, and then click Installation. This starts the Installation Wizard.

    11. On the "Welcome to the Installation Wizard" page, click Next.

    12. On the Sequencing Parameters page, accept the default settings, and then click Next.

    13. On the "Monitor installation" page, click Begin Monitoring. Wait for the dialog box to be minimized or to display the following message: Monitoring started. Please begin installation.

    14. Run the Setup program for Visual Source safe 2005. Use the default options for Visual Studio 2005, except for the following two items in the last window:

    a.   In the Product install path box, type Q:\VSS2005.205

    15. In the Installation Wizard, click Stop Monitoring.

    16. In the Browse for Folder dialog box, type Q:\VSS2005.205 in the Select the primary directory the product was installed to box, and then click OK.

    17. You receive the following message:

    18. Downloading virtual environment.

    19. Wait for the green progress bar to finish. You will receive the following message:

    1. Monitoring finished

    Note This will take several minutes.

    21. Click Next.

    22. On the Tools menu, click Sequencing Wizards, and then click Application.

    23. On the "Welcome to the Application Wizard" page, click Next.

    24. On the Configure Applications page, view the list of applications, and then click Next.

    25. On the Launch Applications page, click Launch All.

    26. Close each application after it starts. You may receive error messages from some applications as the applications start. You can safely ignore these error messages. After all the applications have started and then shut down, the application list is displayed again. A check mark appears next to each application. Click Next.

    27. On the Sequence Package page, wait for the green progress bar in the Sequencing blocks area to finish.

    Note This will take several minutes.

    28. Click Finish when you receive the following message:

    29. Sequencing complete

    30. On the File menu, click Save As. Open a directory that has sufficient free space to create a directory named


    This directory will hold the sequence.

    31. Change the name of the file that is being saved from Softapp.sprj to MS_visual_Source_safe_2005_xpsp2_mnt.sprj, and then click Save. Note It may take several minutes to save the file.


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