Some suggestions and some problems with Vista RRS feed

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    1.   In some of the browsing File Open/Save windows in vista the crumbar does not display my computer drives but does display history items only.

    2. When I select details view in any explorer windows then why not it displays sizes of folders.

    3. When we want to resize any picture resolution using Windows Photo Gallery then it attaches the picture as a Windows Mail attachment this should resize the file and display the option of saving the new image


    4. Windows installer validating install process takes too much time to complete while uninstalling a program.

    For example in the case of installing Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 it takes less than 5 minutes but uninstalling would take greater than 10 minutes while the installer windows does show "validating install" process.


    5. CD/DVD burning default application is too slow while burning CD or DVD in both modes whether Mastered file system is selected or live file system.

    Using a 3rd party CD/DVD burning solution is the right choice for the rest of us now.

    6. My hard disk has ultra DMA 5 (100MB/s) enabled by default in win xp but in win vista only ultra DMA 2(33MB/s) is enabled and I can not change it to ultra DMA 5.

    7. My CPU usage remains 50% or more for most of the time in vista because of “trusted installer” , “Search Indexer Service” “svchost.exe” & “explorer.exe”.


    I have a 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HTT but facing this problem.

    8. When moving a large file with security settings turned on vista copied the file two times (just waste of time) because after that it will give error that it can not move that file & it needs permission to move the file

    9. When UAC is enabled and you want to open a large file e.g 700 Mb file and you will have to wait 3-4 minutes for the UAC prompt to come up. Why?


    10. IE Problems

    Problem with feeds not opening anymore

    When I click on them to open a feed nothing happens

    Not downloading anything

    When I want to download a file the explorer window opening the link to any download file closes without any reason

    Not adding any web site to favorites

    While adding to favorites this msg warns me

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007 7:11 AM