I am begging for one feature that does not seem evident in richcopy. is it there? RRS feed

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  • xcopy is no longer really workable in complex file structures because of the filename size limitation and other documented deficiences.  robocopy seems limited to directory copies only.  both robocopy and richcopy will allow deletions, but how in the world do they handle, if they do, wildcard inclusions?

    This seems to be the most obvious first option to have, but I just can't find it.  i want to copy all of the mp4s i have on a large hdd to a backup on an external drive.  To the syntax in xcopy would be something like 

    xcopy *.mp4 f:\mp4backups\*.* /s (plus other options not important here)

    Is there anything in the world in richcopy that lets one copy or move files by wildcard names (like *.mp4).  if not, does anyone know of a reliable utility that will?  it seems that the entire set of support information is dedicated to naming files that get excluded, not included.  maddening!  i would love to be able to find this.

    thank you.

    Monday, October 29, 2012 6:17 PM