Session broker Server 2008 SP2 X64 TS crash RRS feed

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  • Hello,
    We have the following issue. We have one server 2008 X64 SP2 configured as 
    session broker and ts licensing server.
    We have 2 server 2008 X64 SP2 servers configured as terminal servers. We 
    have added the 2 servers to the local group of session broker computers on 
    the session broker.
    We use dns round robin for load balancing the redirectors. So we have 
    we are able to connect using the tsfarm dns and load balancing works ok. We 
    are able to use the server drain mechanisme without any issues. But when we 
    simulate a server crash ( we disable the network card in server 2008 ) then 
    this server is not marked as inactive in the sessione broker. So the 
    disconnected sessions continue to be redirected to the "crashed" server. We 
    have not modified the session broker registry keys so normally after about 2 
    minutes the server should be marked as "inactive" in the session broker 
    database after attempting a reconnect. This is however not the case. Is there 
    any update or tweak that can be applied to the session broker ? If we restart 
    the sessione broker ( after waiting 10 minutes to see if the server is not 
    marked as inactive ) then the new sessions are correctly redirected to the 
    active server.
    Kind regards
    Gino D'hoker
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:33 PM


  • In Windows Server 2008, for Broker to detect that a RDS (Remote Desktop Service, previosly called Terminal Services) server went down, there needs to be at least 1 failed redirection to that RDS server. The behavior was changed in Windows Server 2008 R2 so that Broker now monitors all the RDS servers to see if any one is down without relying on a failed redirection.

    Monday, November 23, 2009 10:16 PM