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  • We have an ISC DHCP server which supports the "domain-search" option per RFC3397.

    On Linux clients, if they are configured to request that parameter, they can automatically set multiple DNS search domains, e.g. "uk.example.com us.example.com". (They can also accept multiple domains  from "domain-name", which Windows won't, probably because it's illegal usage). The Linux clients can also request other options, like "www-server".

    I wondered if there was a way in Windows (XP, 7) to request extra, or substitute, DHCP options, and if "domain-search" was succesfully reuqested, whether the system would make use of it.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011 10:24 PM


  • I don't believe it's supported, because the DHCP server will only give an option if the option was requested by the DHCP client. So it appears that would need additional configuration on the client side such as the option. Here's more at this thread:

    DHCP Option 119 does not exist in WS2008...?

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    To set Options on client side:

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    If the DHCP clients are all Windows, you can use a GPO to configure DNS Search suffixes:

    Using GPOs to configure DNS Search Suffixes

    At this time Win2k3 DHCP cannot assign a DNS suffix search list. That said,
    you can assign a connection specific DNS suffix (option 015), which is added
    to the search list. But, you can assign only one DNS suffix per client.

    There is a GPO that assigns a custom DNS suffix search list to XP and Win2k3
    clients which can be assigned by Win2k DCs if you upgrade the GPOs using a
    Win2k3 or XP client.

    Upgrading Windows 2000 Group Policy for Windows XP:

    After the GPOs have been upgraded, expand the Group policy to here to apply
    the custom search list.
    Computer Configuration
       -Administrative templates
                   -DNS Client


    If you want to kill the devolution tickbox, have a look at this article:

    It refers to the registry key controlled by GPO - this will over-ride the standard internal registry setting at:

    You could also use populate the regkey by script if you didn't want to pull in the extra ADMX GPO template... and this will force your client to JUST resolve hosts on internal.domain.com or whatever:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    Or use the command:
    reg add HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters /v "SearchList" /d "domain1.com,domain2.com" /f

    The key thing to observe with manual suffix lists, (from KB275553, link below), is that if you distribute a suffix list then it blocks devolution and use of
    primary or connection-specific suffixes... so write that list carefully !

    How to configure a domain suffix search list on the Domain Name System clients


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