Disk Read Error on Win 2003


  • Hey Guys,

    We had a power issue & somehow one HDD which has the OS had got corrupted or may be the NTFS is not mountable. I've even asked for help here too.. I tried a live ubuntu CD hoping I could at least back-up the files which were on the HDD.. but unfortunately below is what I got.. 

    Reason to try on a linux system is because the HDD wasn't been displaying on windows when I connect it as a secondary... Anyhow, can anyone please tell me if I try "chkdsk /f" even when the disk doesn't display on PC, will it help?? or if I try the server OS with repair will it help??

    Please advise as I need the DATA's which is in the other partition rather than booting it up..

    Thanks in advance.. :)

    Wednesday, July 03, 2013 5:45 PM


  • If the drive was in some raid configuration recovering from a single drive in general is not possible.

    If the drives where connected using hardware raid, bets option is usually to connect the to a controllor of same brand and model, configuring it alike and attempting acces from there on.

    If the drives were connected using software raid, you can attempt to connect them both to an functioning Windows operating system and 'importing' the volume. Note this rpobaly will only work if the drive is relatively healthy.

    If the drive does not show up in disk managemnt, this usally means the diskdrive is severely damaged.

    For any corrupted drive issue, ther are companies specialized in data recovery from defective harddrives. However that will coma at a cost!

    My best advice (and the one you probably don't want to hear) is to recover from a previously made backup, or at least learn a lesson and backup from now on!


    Thursday, July 04, 2013 9:39 AM