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  • I created a toolbar that contains a folder named "Admin" where I put all the RSAT shortcuts in for easy access. I have a HP 2710p Windows 7 RC laptop connected to a Samsung 2443bw external monitor. The taskbar is locked. When a window on the laptop monitor is active, the toolbar shows "Admin", but when I select a window that is on the external monitor, the toolbar increases size slightly so that one of the icons from an item in the folder begins to appear. Over time, the entire icon and description of the shortcut appears in the toolbar to the extent that the toolbar has expanded as far as it can. I have noticed that the Language Bar does not move, only the toolbar that I created.

    The problem is more severe after a sleep and wake cycle, as the monitor seems to change resolution for some reason during the wake cycle. The heigth of the external screen is also lost (Vista has this problem as well - setting the screens so the bottom pixels align is only a temporary setting), and the desktop icons lose their position and become scrambled (known issue).

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 6:35 AM