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  • Using Micro Project 2010 I used to be able to minimize a project schedule using the minimize button (under the red X). I would do this while having two separate schedules open to each of them then arrange them manually side by side.

    I can no longer do this after a Microsoft windows update last week. When I hit the minimize button the schedule disappears, Project remains open but no schedule in the window pane. The schedule that I had open is not minimizes in the task bar or anywhere to be found. The only way to reopen this schedule is to close project and reopen the file.

    I tried repairing Office in the Programs and Features window but nothing..


    Tuesday, October 13, 2015 10:46 AM

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  • Kpol67,

    I think you may be confused. Hitting the minimize button does and always has made whatever file is displayed "disappear". It doesn't really disappear, it simply hides under the icon for the application which is normally located in the lower left of the screen. In order to show to separate files side by side, you need to hit the "restore down" icon which is between the minimize and close. That will reduce the size of the current file on display.

    Hope this helps.


    Tuesday, October 13, 2015 2:20 PM