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  • history - I have an XP-sp3 PC and a new 7 laptop.  I'm trying to share files and printer from the XP 'host' to the 7 'guest', but the laptop can't see the PC at all.

    afd service missing, but running - nla is running, which lists afd as a dependancy - tcp/ip netbios helper won't start because of it's afd dependancy - :(  can't share  files and printer

    After much research on the internet, it appears this is because the tcp/ip netbios helper isn't running and if I try to start it, I get "System error 1075 has occurred.  The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion."  that dependency is afd.

    there is no afd service listed in the services window, yet it's listed as a dependancy for both NLA and LMHOSTS (tcp/ip netbios helper), maybe more.  NLA runs, though.

    to the command line - 'sc query afd' shows a status of running, as does nla, but lmhosts shows stopped and if I attempt to start it, I get the same exact error as above.

    so, afd is running, but crippled?

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


    Saturday, July 7, 2012 10:52 PM