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  • After waiting nearly a year for the Windows Vista 64 bit drivers for the fingerprint reader on my Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader, I finally gave up and purchased a UPEK EIKON fingerprint reader. It DOES work with the Vista 64 bit platform and it works really well. I am very disappointed with Microsoft for selling us a product and then not to provide drivers for it. If another company can build drivers for their device that work with 64 bit systems, why can't Microsoft and Digital Persona get together and finish theirs.


    Wednesday, October 10, 2007 6:51 PM

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  • It's unsigned, but there are modified drivers using files from newer devices from other company's using the same hardware, and hex editing (or downloading a replace replacement dll for) digital persona to except the equipments hardware ID. Works nicely in Windows 8.0 though I haven't tried it on 8.1, I very much miss the digitalpersona software that worked with it. could autofill any windows - well window.

    I can privately message or email the site where I got the info if anyones interested and can't find it in a short time on google (like I did).

    I recently gave in and got myself an eikon, because the microsoft ones constantly needed to be wiped clean to recognise...

    While the Eikon works well for logging into 8.1 its added a lot of error message pop-ups on my system where the softwares tried to assert itself; I removed it from startup and all browser extensions but it still seems like the non-enrollment (the broken) part still try's to load sometimes, and it has this ugly unremovable software link on my desktop (Which looks like a safe).

    I need to dig it out however when I was looking at eikons on amazon one of the commenters  said you could download digitalpersona from a URL by registering your devices serial after purchase. I need to dig and hope to find that again.

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