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    The Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack is designed to monitor Exchange 2007 key health indicators, collect Exchange component-specific performance counters in one central location, and raise alerts for operator intervention as necessary. By detecting, sending alerts, and automatically responding to critical events, this Management Pack helps indicate, correct, and prevent possible service outages or configuration problems, allowing you to proactively manage Exchange servers and identify issues before they become critical. The Management Pack monitors and provides alerts for automatic notification of events indicating service outages, performance degradation, health monitoring, and centralized management.

    Note: This Management Pack requires Operations Manager 2007 R2.

    Feature Summary
    • A number of synthetic transactions ensure the Exchange servers are available and responding in a timely manner. The synthetic transactions are maintenance-mode aware, so that if the target of a transaction is in maintenance mode, the source will not run the transaction, and not alert unnecessarily.
    • This Management Pack includes a Management Pack template that provides a wizard-like interface for configuring synthetic transactions against Outlook Web Access (OWA), Exchange ActiveSync, Web Services, POP3, and IMAP.
    • This Management Pack includes a Management Pack template that provides a wizard-like interface for configuring mail flow synthetic transactions between agent-managed Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers.
    • This Management Pack provides 30+ reports specific to Exchange 2007 that track availability and performance compared to service level objectives. For the list of reports and for more information about the reports, see the Management Pack Guide.
    • All the synthetic transactions in this Management Pack use an Operations Manager 2007 R2 hosting feature for Windows PowerShell technology that provides a performance improvement when running synthetic transactions.
    • A significant number of rules and monitors that are not actionable or may be noisy are disabled. Note that many of these rules are still in the Management Pack so that you can enable them if necessary.
    • Support for monitoring any number of Exchange organizations using a single Operations Manager 2007 management group.
    • Full support for Microsoft clustered configurations. For more details, see the Management Pack Guide.
    • Discovery of Exchange 2007 server roles is disabled by default, and no Exchange 2007 monitoring is applied by default. This allows you to discover and monitor your servers gradually, as well as tune the Management Pack as you bring more agent-managed Exchange 2007 servers into the Operations Manager environment.

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    Saturday, June 13, 2009 12:10 AM

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  • Okay I might be missing something but when trying to import these I am missing some packs and it is driving me crazy trying to find them can someone point me to what and where these parts live both of which I am not sure how I am working without them, but they are "Microsoft.windows.library" and "System.Performance.Library".  I tried to search for both inside of SCOM07 R2 under the download Management packs but it does not find them and after checking all OS Packs they are installed and current.
    Monday, June 15, 2009 4:33 PM
  • These management packs should be present on Operations Manager 2007 R2 RTM,  the version number for these two management packs won't be correct if you are trying to import on to Operations Manager 2007 R2 RC or Beta though.  When you see the "Windows Core Library" and "Performance Library" are they listed 6.1.7221.0 on your server?

    There were changes in Operations Manager 2007 R2 to support the monitoring templates in the Exchange 2007 Management Pack (6.0.622.0) made after the Release Candidate.
    Monday, June 15, 2009 10:39 PM
  • Hi All

    Just wondered if anyone had tried this yet? Any feedback? Gotchas?

    I do like the idea of discovery of roles being disabled by default and allowing for a phased deployment approach. Also the idea of importing the library only so that Run as Accounts can be configured ahead of the discoveries ..... an idea that is equally suitable for other management packs.


    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 9:11 AM
  • You would be correct I am on RC1 so I guess I will wait till first of next month when it pops up on the MSVL site for download.
    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:28 PM
  • You can download the RTM evaluation copy from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/bb738014.aspx.
    Just note evaluation copy can't be used to upgrade the RC, or upgrade from Sp1.   You can upgrade from the evaluation copy to a licensed copy though.
    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 7:45 PM
  • Alright got it downloaded and the best install yet, but after importing the New exchange 2007 packs SCOM does not find any of the boxes as having exchange roles I have tried mutliple user accounts to run under from local to administrator just to test I did not see any documentation with the pack after I went out and looked on microsofts site for docs and nothing.  Our enviroment is not really that complex either 2 UM boxes 2 cas/hub and 2 database severs in a cluster so 6 boxes total but it does not find any of the boxes as holding an exchange related role.
    Friday, June 19, 2009 5:09 PM
  • By default the new Exchange MP doesn't discover Exchange servers out of the box, this is to allow some time to configure your environment and not have a sudden storm of servers discovered or alerts to happen.  You'll want to get the Management Pack guide, it explains how to have your Exchange servers be discovered.

    Download the the Exchange 2007 Management Pack MSI from the catalog, http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=e9f3cd3f-9bc0-45cd-b10f-120e937ee4c4&displaylang=en&displaylang=enIt contains a Management Pack guide that will help you set up your system.
    Friday, June 19, 2009 9:08 PM
  • Hi

    This is what I've run through in test so far .... not sure if it helps or confuses but the bottom line on this MP is very much - read the documentation and do things slowly. I actually like it so far but it does require some prep work.

    Hope it helps - any feedback appreciated on errors \ anything unclear.




    a)      Exchange Discoveries only run every 24 hours.

    b)      All discoveries except Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper are disabled by default.

    My preference for order of enabling (discover \ make sure it is working .. move on to next) is to start with the mailbox monitoring:

    -          Exchange 2007 Standalone Mailbox role (this includes CCR nodes that are the target of SCR)

    -           Exchange 2007 CCR Clustered Mailbox Server Role Discovery \ Exchange 2007 CCR Node Role Discovery

    General  Thoughts:

    1.       Enable Agent Proxy on the Exchange 2007 Servers

    2.       Set an override against the Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper Object Discovery to run every  600 seconds. This is a temporary measure to discover the Exchange Servers. Rest to once per day when all servers discovered.

    3.       Personalise the Windows Computer View to include the “Exchange 2007 Discovery" field. This should now have all Exchange 2007 Servers listed as “Unmonitored” (circle but no tick \ cross). Nothing will show up in the Exchange Views at this stage.

    4.       Read Page 13 – 17 of the Exchange 2007 MP guide re disk monitoring. The Exchange 2007 MP duplicates some of the windows Operating System monitoring so you probably want to disable one or the other.  The specific disks that will be monitored by both are:
    > Disks that store an Exchange 2007 Mailbox Database file
    > Disks that store an Exchange 2007 mailbox log file
    > Disks that store Exchange 2007 Hub or Edge Queue files

    Windows Monitors:
    Repeat for Windows 2003 and 2008
    à Windows 200x Logical Disk à
    Entity Health
    Logical Disk Availability and Logical Disk Free Space
    à Average Disk Seconds Per Read, Average Disk Seconds Per Transfer and Average Disk Seconds Per Write

    My thoughts at the moment are to set overrides, enable = false on the windows disk monitors against Exchange 2007 Mailbox Database Disk, Exchange 2007 Mailbox Log Disk and Exchange 2007 Queue Disk. Not sure if this will work but will test ;-)

    5.       Discover Standalone Mailbox Servers. Set an override (enable = true) against the object discovery Exchange 2007 Standalone CCR Node discovery. Wait for server role to populate.

    At this stage my Exchange 2007 Topology Map starts to populate.

    Check that all state views under Mailbox are populating (Mailbox Servers State and with further drill down Database state – wait until they all become Monitored)

    Also check that the Organisation State View and Site Service State Views also populate

    6.        STOP! Read about how to set up client tests ....  or for monitoring other roles.

    Saturday, June 20, 2009 10:06 AM
  • Hi Graham,

    If i look at the Exchange 2007 state views, there are no exchange servers listed as monitored against their roles (and with a green tick \ red cross etc) there.

    I ahave followed the step listed by.I checked the event logs on the exchange server no errors except for licence activation error.

    Any ideas

    Thanking you in advance.
    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 8:26 AM
  • Hello, assuming you have checked agent proxy etc, here are some more troubleshooting steps.

    Go to the discovered inventory view, right-click and select "change target type". Select "Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper". Do you see the expected list of Exchange servers listed there?

    If not, there might be a permisisons issue, the latest version of the MP (published a couple of weeks back) will generate an alert if the agent does not have permissions to correctly discover the Exchange servers. This is most likely to happen if you agent action account is not local system. If it's not, you need to ensure you populated the RunAs profiles that come with the MP.

    The discovery is looking at the Software\Microsoft\Exchange\v8.0 registry key, is that present on the Exchange servers?

    If you see your Exchange servers discovered as EXchange 2007 Discovery Helper, ensure that you have enabled the correct role-based discoveries (the simplest way is to enable it for "all instances of Exchange 2007 Discovery Helper"). Also ensure that the Exchange servers have received the updated management pack that stores the override (as indicated by a 1201 event in the OpsMgr event log on the agent).
    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at http://www.microsoft.com/info/cpyright.htm
    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 9:12 PM