provisioning in cross forest


  • Hi,

    There is one forest say abc.In that forest there may be some domins like, etc. Each domain has seperate AD to create the users.
    FIM needs to monitor the users OU in each Domain, when a new user is created by any domain team,FIM will then create a corresponding linked account in the new resource forest.The new resource forest will have exhange,AD,lync.Can any one please suggest about this senario.As i have not implemeted the FIM in any forest.

    Can we synchronization user from one forest to another forest.if yes, how to do it.
    Can we do the provision of mailbox,AD,lync(Forest B) to user which in forest A.If yes, how to do it. Is there any document for it?

    any other important thing which we should know from client?

    Thanks in Advance.


    Wednesday, January 09, 2013 7:01 AM


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