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  • If you start a program (Notepad, for example), from the Start menu, or Run command, or Explorer, all these instances will group into one icon nicely.

    But if you start them by doubleclicking a file in the third-party software that displays file list (Visual Studio, Opera, Personal Brain, Download Master, uTorrent, etc), the second button shows. It does not have a jump list, though can be pinned. Also, the recent files does not show up in either of the jump lists, which makes them effectively useless.

    The bug manifested itself after moving from RC to RTM.

    OS: Windows 7 x64 RTM Professional
    HW: Lenovo U330, latest official drivers
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Install Windows
    2. Install Personal Brain trial from thebrain.com, or Visual Studio trial, etc.
    3. Open some file from the Explorer, look at the nice jump list :)
    3. Drag that file to PersonalBrain window, or create a project in Visual Studio and drop file in the Solution window
    4. Doubleclick the file in the PersonalBrain/Visual Studio.
    5. Right-click the icon of the program that just launched and confirm that you have now 2 identical buttons on taskbar, one with Jump list, and one without.

    Expected output:
    All program instances are consolidated to one icon

    UPD: I've tried the solutions from the thread http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproui/thread/6c3b57b9-a0df-450b-b3f2-9713ee414ac5 , but they does not work for me, because the issue manifests itself with unpinned programs as well as pinned.
    Moreover, if i pin the instance without the jumplist, i can no longer pin the one *with* jumplist.
    Saturday, January 2, 2010 9:34 PM

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  • The issue is because the instance that is started by the 3rd party software is a child process of that other application, and I assume that's how Windows knows it should group it.

    Although that probably doesn't help resolve the issue, I think that's the most likely root cause.

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    Sunday, January 3, 2010 12:02 AM