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  • Robert,

    Can you post the MDX from the entire query or a simplified example?  Can you reproduce this in Adventure Works and post the MDX?  Is the view you are running created by the ProClarity Pro interface or have you customized the MDX?


    Thursday, December 3, 2009 9:43 PM
  • I was able to recreate this example using the Adventure works database.
    Here is the MDX from Pro-Clarity for the New Member: 
              Sum({[Date].[Fiscal].CurrentMember.Level.Members}.Item(0):[Date].[Fiscal].CurrentMember, [Measures].[Amount])

    Here is the MDX from Pr-Clarity with the Aggregate Function. We need the aggregate function because this is a running total: 

              WITH MEMBER [Date].[Fiscal].[ Grand Total] AS 'Aggregate( INTERSECT( { { EXTRACT( { [Date].[Fiscal].DEFAULTMEMBER }, [Date].[Fiscal] ) } }, { [Date].[Fiscal].DEFAULTMEMBER } ) )', SOLVE_ORDER = 1000 SELECT { [<####>], [Measures].[Amount] } ON COLUMNS , { { [Date].[Fiscal].DEFAULTMEMBER }, ( [Date].[Fiscal].[ Grand Total] ) } ON ROWS FROM [Adventure Works] Currently, the [Date].[Fiscal] has an All Member property. I have read that this can cause problems with Cumulative Running Totals. Thanks, Robert
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