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  • I'm trying to get ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 to work on a server running Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard SP2 and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. 
    Analysis Services 2008 is also installed and contains the cubes used by the ProClarity workbooks.

    I installed ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 and then SP3 according to the instructions in the ProClarity Analytics Server SP3 ReadMe.


    As part of the installation I created a new ProClarity_PAS database.

    I found one error in the Application event log relating to the install:
    Product: ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3 -- Error 1904.Module C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ProClarity\Server\PoolMgr.dll failed to register. 

    The error returned was: -2147220473.

    After the installation I started the Analytics Server Administration Tool and was able to add users, set permissions etc...

    I am able to bring up the ProClarity site using ProClarity Web Standard and connect to it using Web Professional. Using Web Professional I could 
    create Libraries and publish workbooks to the Analytics Server. When I try to retrieve a worksheet in Web Standard or Professional they freeze.

    I've re-installed it a couple times thinking maybe I did something wrong but with the same result. For the "fun" of it I installed it on a different server with the same configuration with the same results.

    I ran the ProClarity Diagnostic Tool on the server. At initial start up it generated this error;
    "Access violation at adress 0040e4BD in module 'PCDiagnosticTool.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFF.". But it did start though and ran analysis on Analytics Server. In the "Pivot Table Services File Version Information", "Chart Version Information" and "File Version Information" sections "File Not Found" was returned for all files.

    I've done a lot of searching to find an answer.

    Any suggestions?

    Saturday, April 10, 2010 12:51 AM

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  • This is a tough one.  Is this a domain controller?  I see one case where the same errors occurred on a machine that was the DC and the SQL server. 

    I would also check if using a different SQL server to store the repository DB would work. 

    Finally, I would always suggest installing PAS on x64 boxes using the actual loca admin account and following all reboot prompts - being sure to log in with the same account after reboot. 

    Feel free to post questions and results and/or contact support.


    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:45 PM
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm going to attempt the install again.

    I need to also co-locate PAS and SSRS 2008 on the server. The only information I've found is "Co-locating PAS and SSRS 2005 64-bit on Windows Server 2008"


    Is there updated material available for SSRS 2008 or is this documentation still valid when installing PAS SP3 with SSRS 2008?

    Thursday, June 3, 2010 8:33 PM