Windows key + L does not go to Switch User screen RRS feed

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  • I have upgraded a computer from Windows XP SP2 to Vista RC2. The computer is not part of a domain.

    When I press the Windows key + L, the computer is locked and I get to a screen with the picture of my account and a button that says "Switch user". In Windows XP the Windows key + L took me directly to the "Switch User" screen. I found this much more convenient.

    In the list of shortcut keys for the Windows key + L, you can read:

    "Lock your computer (if you are connected to a network domain), or switch users (if you're not connected to a network domain)"

    Since my computer is not part of a domain, I expected to get the the "Switch User" screen.

    If I go to the "System|Advanced system settings|Computer name" and press the "Network ID..." button, I get a dialog that asks me "Select the option that describes my network" and there are two radio buttons. Here the first button is checked and it reads "This computer is part of a business network". My computer is not part of a business network. Does this dialog reflect the current state of the setting or is it just a suggestion? If I select the second option, that reads "This is a home computer" and press Next, I am asked to reboot. After reboot nothing has changes and if I check the setting for "Network ID..." it still says "This computer is part of a business network".

    Any ideas anyone? Is this they way it is intended to work?



    Sunday, October 22, 2006 11:29 AM