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  • Hi guys. I originally posted this over at MS Project Server Development forums, but was recommended to post it here by the moderator there. So here's my original post below. Hope someone here can help guide me to the right direction. Thanks!


    Hi fellow experts!

    Would like to get some input/advice from you guys pertaining to the subject matter.
    I'm very new to Sharepoint 2010 + Project Server 2010 and have only tried creating simple workflows in Sharepoint Designer 2010.
    I'm a C# developer though, so coding shouldn't be a problem, provided I'm guided in the right direction :)

    Here's a scenario that my organization hopes to achieve with Project Server 2010 (not the complete solution, just areas which
    I'm not familiar with)

    1. Upon creation of a folder in a document library, fire an event to send email to a list of users(custom 'Assign To' list).
       As far as I know, only Documents can trigger such event via workflow. How about folder level? Can it be done in VS2010?

    2. Upon saving a new document, and changing it's status to "Finalized", send an email to a list of users (ie: Project Managers)
       Also, needs to establish a web service call to AX2009 to synchronize data. Can this be achieved using VS2010?

    Any ideas/solutions to these 2 questions is much appreciated! I'm incredibly new at this and I would take it any suggestions
    you might have seriously. Also any sample codes would be extremely helpful!

    Thanks alot for your time,

    Monday, June 28, 2010 2:44 AM