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     I have used IBM's CDAT tool earlier for server performance data collection and had some problems with it. When I found out that MSFT had one I had high hopes and it really looks nice as well. I've used the tool recently on a customer and am now for the first time looking at the report. What I do not understand is how MSFT intend to use the data as guideline for sizing a virtualization host farm. I can get CPU and networking data with satisfactory detail. Disk counters can only give me total amount of alocated and utilized disk space. Why didn't you put in Bytes/Sec read and write??? and Why is there no Memory data?

    Again I really like the tool but since it is missing essential counters I'm forced to spend time doing VB scripts my self to collect the missing stuff. Also I think it is essential to get information on peak values to uncover periods with much higher loads than average. For now I'm sorry to say it but IBM's tool has the information yours doesn't and although it's ugly it does the job.

    Hope that you can find time to put in the missing counters soon, it schouldn't take you much time to do...
    IT Consultant
    Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2:04 PM

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  • Thanks for your feedback.

    The disk I/O numbers are actually collected and used under the covers for the placement calculations, even though they're not surfaced in the perf reports.   We had so many columns of data in the disk perf section that we didn't display everything we collected in the report.

    The placement model actually uses peak disk I/O and peak network I/O for placement; average is used for CPU utilization, since peak has a very high probability of always being 100%

    We're adding the memory modeling now & will have that in the next version of the tool.  We're also looking at ways to allow users to specify aggregates other than peak & average, such as percentile (90th percentile, for example)

    More information about how the tool works for placement calculation is available here:


    Wednesday, February 4, 2009 11:08 PM