Windows Server 2008 DC


  • I have  a 2008 Windows Server DC which is Primary and I have many Domain users but I want to do a house clean up.

    Back in the days, we had some group users set such as user: USER where multiple workstations logged in to the PC and now I want to clean up the house and get rid of all domain users that are non-essential and delete those.

    However, I can't delete all because I don't know what users are still active. 

    I tried dsquery user -inactive 5 and it only displayed some users which I know for sure they are domain user (For example: Let's say I know there is a domain user such as and once I dsquery it will pull out that user. However, I don't know same fact about KioskUser because many workstations might be logged using same domain user. So if I delete one Kiosk user then it will affect many users so is there a clean way of getting this done.

    Any comments and helpful tips are appreciated.

    In advance, I am so sorry if I am not clear on explaining my inquiry so feel free to comment if needed further info.

    Thanks alot

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